Bear River Mental Health participates with the First Judicial District Court in the operation of a mental health court program through an integrated continuum of mental health care in partnership with criminal justice. The materials represented herein are the intellectual property of Bear River Mental Health Services, Inc., and the First Judicial District Court and are made available by permission, courtesy of said entities.

For further information about the mental health court program please call:

Bear River Mental Health Services, Inc.
Cache County:
Phone: 435-752-0750
Fax: 435-752-7433

Box Elder County
Phone: 435-734-9449
Fax: 435-723-4851

Mental Health Court Program Materials Menu
Conceptual Tools
Didactic Fragments
Empirical Interest
Orientation Briefs
Program Monographs
Public Interest
Articles and essays for judicial education and training on mental health court program conceptualization, philosophy, policy, and practice.
The scrapings and shavings of program logic.
Mental health court assessment, evaluation, and outcome studies.
Power point presentations on program principles and practice.
Short abstracts on basic program information.
News articles and other public notice about the mental health court program.
Visual representations of program structure and function.