Our Mission is to provide a partnership in the work of mental health recovery, to help improve functional and meaningful living, through the delivery of professional mental health services.


Message From Our CEO
Reed Ernstrom
Reed Ernstrom BRMH CEO

We appreciate your interest in Bear River Mental Health, and hope you will take the opportunity to learn more about us and the services we provide. Life can, at times, be difficult and many of us will, unfortunately, experience periods of debilitating depression, anxiety, or serious problems that negatively impact daily living. If you or a loved one are enrolled in Medicaid and believe mental health treatment may be beneficial, or at least feel that further assessment is needed, please contact us. We are your community resource for mental healthcare. Our professional staff can help you directly, or may be able to recommend other options in our community to accommodate your individual needs, if our scope of services is not applicable to your particular situation. We, very much, look forward to hearing from you, should you feel in need, and wish only the best for you and your family.


Our History
Bear River Mental Health (BRMH) began comprehensive mental health service delivery in 1977. The organization incorporated in 1983 and became the first free-standing, private not-for-profit, mental health service entity in the state, and has provided Northern Utah with professional mental health treatment resources for over three decades. We currently serve over 3,000 residents annually.

BRMH's TriCounty Service Area

Our Staff
Bear River Mental Health employs over 100 trained professionals, specializing in the treatment of mental illness. Our staff is representative of a broad array of clinical disciplines including licensed mental health therapists, case mangers, skills development specialists, psychiatrists, nurses and nurse practitioners, medical assistants, and other support and administrative personnel who are committed to providing quality group and individual therapy, medication management, and other supportive services.

Our Board of Directors
Bear River Mental Health is served by a governing Board of Directors, comprised of a variety of private, public, and local government stakeholders, including county commissioners. The Board is dedicated to providing consistent oversight of Center operations, while helping to ensure the effectiveness of the Northern Utah public mental health system.


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