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"On Call" Receptionist

Position Description On Call Receptionist Job Description
Primary Duties: Greet clients and process them through check-in, including payment collection, client outcome survey processing, receipting, and therapist notification of client arrival. In the case of admit appointments, complete automated client admit procedures. Answer, screen, and route incoming calls. Manage automated client scheduling system, including making, cancelling, and changing appointments. Assist in client medication pick-up by assuring and maintaining a signature list for pickup. Coordinate client requests with the therapists and Medication Team. Maintain an orderly waiting room. Back-up other receptionist schedules as needed for vacation and sick leave coverage. Make daily appointment reminder calls. File hard copy chart paperwork, and shred chart information on outdated files as needed. Score psychological tests as needed. Assist with administration of annual customer satisfaction surveys.

There may be some work in assisting clients with their telehealth appointment. This may include appointment check-in, connecting to their appointment using telehealth technology and equipment, monitor needs during the appointment, scheduling follow up appointments, if needed. Act as a contact for the telehealth therapist to coordinate telehealth needs, appointments, etc. and assist in any other way, as needed, to facilitate the telehealth process.

Secondary Activities: Completing up-to-date quality time sheet records with appropriate and accurate activity codes by 30 minutes past closing of the next business day, from the date the hours were worked, into the Center's automated clinical records system. Obtain approval from immediate supervisor on any and all leave taken. Attending supervision appointments and team and organization meetings as scheduled. Maintaining an automated schedule, reflecting the FTE availability within Center hours, in order to be consistently available to Center staff. Attending trainings within and outside of the Center for job development.

Other skills, abilities, and expectations:
• Knowledge of confidentiality and ability to maintain strict compliance with confidentiality of all client and Center sensitive information.
• Effective oral and written communication skills.
• Knowledge of the principles & practices of quality customer service and the ability to use it in a mental health agency.
• Teaming skills for effective and cooperative interoffice relations.
• Experience and proficiency in dealing with difficult customers and providing excellent customer service.
• Computer literacy and skills for operation of automated medical records, email, scheduling, etc.
• Timeliness with schedule including whereabouts, arrival to work, and attendance at meetings.
• Positive attitude related to job expectations, supervision, Center policies and procedures, etc.
• Ability to behave ethically and to understand and maintain appropriate boundaries with clients and staff.
• Ability to understand the importance of workplace safety and to abide by all policies, including those related to safety.
• Conduct expected tasks in a safe manner, uphold safety policies, and report safety issues to appropriate sources.
• Flexible hours to meet client and Center needs including covering for other receptionist shifts when necessary.

Position Location: Logan, UT
Position Salary: $12.05 - $13.86/hr (wage based on experience)
Position Hours: varying hours
Position Shifts: varying
Job Requirements: High School diploma plus one year of directly related experience preferred.
Must be available “on call” for last minute coverage Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm for sick leave requests, as well as planned coverage for vacation requests. You must be able to fulfill this requirement in order to be considered for the position.

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Logan: 435-752-0750
Brigham City: 435-734-9449
Tremonton: 435-257-2168
Rich: 800-620-9949
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