Does BRMH have substance abuse treatment programs?
No. To receive treatment for substance abuse, contact:

  Bear River Health Department

817 West 950 South, south building

440 West 600 North
655 East 1300 North


I am interested in medications. How can I see someone on the medical team?
All services are offered in the context of a comprehensive treatment plan. Medication management may be offered to individuals who are actively involved in their treatment planning with a therapist, and when it is a medical necessity. Talk to your therapist about what options might be most beneficial for you. Medication services may only be offered to you once your therapist helps you assess your needs and refers you for that service.

Can I just see the doctor for medication?
Yes…If you and your therapist decide that medications are the only type of service you need for your condition. All services are offered as a part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Medication management may sometimes be the only therapeutic services needed for some individuals. Even when medications are the only mental health service prescribed in the treatment plan, this would still need to be reviewed periodically (at least every 6 months) with the therapist to determine the best course of treatment possible.

I want to change my therapist, who should I speak with?
Meet with your therapist, and they can arrange a transfer session. If you are not able or are uncomfortable meeting with your therapist to address your request for a new therapist, you can speak with the clinical supervisor about your request.

How do I request medical information?
How do I release information to myself?
To request information, you must sign a form called Access to Records Request. BRMH charges $.50 per page and may take as long as 30 days to fulfill that request. A CD with your records can be made available for a $20 fee.

How do I release information to someone else? (examples: another agency, doctor, schools, family, lawyers )
To request that your personal records be sent to an outside agency, you must sign a form called Authorization for Disclosure of Information. On this form, you must indicate to what agency the records are to be sent and what information is to be sent.

The following forms are in PDF format. Download forms by clicking link below
Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information
Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information (Spanish)
Access to Records Request (Self Release)


How do I report Fraud and Abuse?
Simply click on this link and fill out the Fraud and Abuse Form.