Does BRMH have substance abuse treatment programs?
Substance abuse treatment is not available at Bear River Mental Health. Substance abuse services are available by contacting:


Bear River
Health Department



Brigham City Health Department
817 West 950 South, south building
Brigham City, UT 84302

Tremonton Health Department
440 West 600 North
Tremonton, UT 84337

Logan Health Department
655 East 1300 North
Logan, UT 84341


I am interested in medications.
How can I see someone on the medical team?
Medically necessary medication management may be offered to individuals who are actively involved in a comprehensive treatment plan with their BRMH treatment coordinator. Medication services may only be offered when the treatment coordinator assesses that it is needed and refers the individual for that service.

Can I just see the doctor for medication?
All clients receiving BRMH services have a treatment coordinator.  All services are offered as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Medication management may be the only therapeutic service needed for some individuals. Even when medications are the only mental health service prescribed in the treatment plan, individuals can expect to meet periodically with a treatment coordinator to review the best course of treatment to meet their needs.


Can I get a new BRMH treatment coordinator?
A meeting will be held with your current BRMH treatment coordinator to discuss a transfer session. A clinical supervisor may facilitate this request when more help is needed.

How do I request medical information?
How do I release information to myself?
To request information, you must sign a form called Authorization for Release of Records and/or Request for Access

BRMH charges $.50 per page and may take as long as 30 days to fulfill that request. A CD with your records can be made available for a $20 fee.

How do I release information to someone else? (examples: another agency, doctor, schools, family, lawyers)

To request that your personal records be sent to an outside agency, you must sign a form called Authorization for Release of Records and/or Request for Access. On this form, you must indicate to what agency the records are to be sen-t and what information is to be sent.

Can my child be seen for therapy at the school?
With parental permission, BRMH works within Box Elder, Cache, and Rich county school districts to serve priority children.  Meet with your school administrator, counselor, or BRMH treatment coordinator to learn more about early interventions for school-age children.


Can I get help to get to my appointments?
BRMH assists those without transportation so they can access needed services. Contact your BRMH treatment coordinator for more information.


Does BRMH serve people with autism or other developmental disabilities?
When the BRMH assessment determines that an individual has a “co-occurring” mental illness, in addition to their developmental disability, then BRMH will treat the mental illness.  Those without a definable mental illness will be referred to Division of Services for People with Disabilities (DSPD) and its allied medical providers for assistance.

Does BRMH provide crisis help?
BRMH provides 24 hour on-call emergency telephone crisis screening services to area residents, whether or not they are clients of BRMH.  Access during business hours is through our main numbers.  The after-hours crisis number is 435-757-3240 (Logan or Rich counties) or 435-452-8612 (Box Elder County).  We also provide face-to-face crisis screenings to area residents on a walk-in basis at any BRMH outpatient clinic site.  Crisis services to individuals in protected environments (e.g., nursing facilities, juvenile attention/detention facilities, correctional facilities, abuse prevention facilities, etc.) who for reasons of safety or security cannot be transported to a BRMH clinic site or local hospital emergency department, is limited to Medicaid enrollees only.

Does BRMH have housing?
Housing facilities are reserved for open, established and active clients that meet certain criteria.  Contact your BRMH treatment coordinator or case manager to determine if you are eligible for housing.

How do I report Fraud and Abuse?
Simply click on this link and fill out the Fraud and Abuse Form.