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See our outpatient locations, or phone during business hours and request an initial assessment appointment.

Box Elder: 435-734-9449
Cache: 435-752-0750
Rich: 800-620-9949

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Payment & Insurance Information
Full (no cost) service coverage is available for traditional Medicaid enrollees; reduced (no cost) service coverage is available for non-traditional Medicaid enrollees (i.e. 30 outpatient days of service per fiscal year).

Sliding fee cost-based services may be available for adults and children who are non-Medicaid and who qualify under a non-Medicaid service priority (i.e. Mental Health Court, Civil Commitment, grant funded clients).

Scope of Outpatient Services

Bear River Mental Health provides a comprehensive array of mental health services, delivered according to best practice guidelines and with respect to appropriate medical necessity. Generally, services, in addition to individual psychotherapy, are acquired by referral from the individual client's therapist (including medication management services). Our scope of services include:

   •Behavior Management (individual/group)
   •Crisis Management
   •Medication Management
   •Peer Support
   •Psychological Testing
   •Psychosocial Rehabilitation
   •Psychotherapy (individual, group, family)
   •Residential Services
   •Respite Care
   •Skills Development (individual/group)

Client Centered Therapy
All services are delivered in the context of a client-centered approach, involving a comprehensive treatment plan. Each client at Bear River Mental Health works with a treatment coordinator (therapist) who first assesses the client's situation, symptoms, behavior, and skills/abilities. An individualized treatment plan is then developed with input and involvement directly from the client. The individualized treatment plan will prescribe the services needed and is developed with the overall goal of mental health recovery, as well as general objectives that involve:

•Decreasing psychiatric symptomology and mental disability.
•Increasing the client's ability to function at the highest level possible
•Helping the client to live as independently as possible.

Service Descriptions
Assessments conducted by a therapist to determine the need for mental health services based on the existence, nature, and extent of the mental illness. May include diagnosing and treatment planning.

Behavior management services teaching coping and behavior skills. Interventions may include:

   •Stress management
   •Relaxation training
   •Assertiveness training
   •Conflict resolution
   •Behavior modification

Medication management prescribing, monitoring, and evaluating medications and providing appropriate information regarding the medications.

Case management assists clients to access community services and resources including:

   •Assessing the client's needs for resources and services
   •Linking clients with needed resources and services
   •Coordinating the resources and services
   •Monitoring the quality/time/appropriateness of the services
   •Monitoring client progress

Psychological testing performed by a psychologist who conducts psychometric, diagnostic, projective, and/or standardized IQ tests.

Psychotherapy services, rehabilitative counseling services help clients reach their best possible functional level.

Psychosocial rehabilitation assist individuals to develop competence in daily living skills in:

   •Food Planning and Preparation
   •Money Management
   •Medication Compliance
   •Social and Interpersonal Skills
   •Personal Hygiene
   •Maintenance of Living Environment

Residential care services provide a structured living environment with household activities, tasks, and schedules for its residents. Meals, medications, household chores, house meetings, visiting, and other activities are structured and directly supervised. The organization and routine of the household provides an emotionally-stabilizing effect that tends to facilitate symptom stabilization.

Respite provides temporary client care and "time away" for relief to the caregiver.

Skills development services (individual and group) assist clients in the development of age-appropriate functioning.

Skills development services specifically assist clients to:

   •Eliminate maladaptive or hazardous behaviors
   •Develop effective behaviors
   •Develop appropriate communication skills
   •Regain or enhance basic living skills
   •Develop appropriate social skills
   •Develop appropriate interpersonal interactions
   •Reduce symptomatology
   •Decrease unnecessary psychiatric hospitalizations
   •Increase personal motivation and self-esteem

Emergency services (crisis) include emergency mental health services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to any individual in our tri-county area experiencing immediate, debilitating, or life-threatening complications as a result of serious mental illness.

Access is available regardless of funding status or Medicaid eligibility. You may call 435-752-0750 in the Cache County, 435-734-9449 in Box Elder County or 800-620-9949 in Rich County.

If you have a mental health emergency, a mental health professional is available to address your concerns and assist you in receiving appropriate care.

Languages Capabilities Bear River Mental Health has a number of clinical staff who communicate in both English and Spanish to readily serve those speaking either of these prevalent languages. Additionally, accommodations for interpreter services for other languages can be made available by prior arrangement for individuals who are Medicaid eligible.

Your privacy is important, and Bear River Mental Health understands that your health care information is personal. Therefore, we follow strict federal and state laws related to confidentiality, and take reasonable measures to limit the use and disclosure of all protected health care information. See our privacy practices.

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