Scope of Mental Health Services
We provide a comprehensive array of services, which are evidence based, medically necessary, and delivered according to best practice guidelines.  Your prescribed services may include:

AssessmentMedication ManagementCrisis Management
Peer Support Psychotherapy (Individual/ Group/ Family)Psychosocial Rehabilitation
Psychological testingResidential/ Housing Behavior Management (Individual/Group)
Respite Care Skills Development (Individual/Group) Case Management

Client Centered Treatment

All services are delivered in the context of a client-centered approach, involving a comprehensive treatment plan. Each client at Bear River Mental Health works with a treatment coordinator (therapist) who first assesses the client's situation, symptoms, behavior, and skills/abilities. An individualized treatment plan is then developed with input and involvement directly from the client. The individualized treatment plan will prescribe the services needed and is developed with the overall goal of mental health recovery, as well as general objectives that involve:
          •Decreasing psychiatric symptomology and mental disability.
          •Increasing the client's ability to function at the highest level possible
          •Helping the client to live as independently as possible.

Language Capabilities

Options for both English and Spanish services are available, as well as published service information in both languages. Accommodations for interpreter services for other languages are available by prior arrangement for individuals who are Medicaid eligible.

Your Privacy is Important

Your healthcare information is personal.  Therefore, we follow strict federal and state laws related to confidentiality. See our privacy practices

Payment Information

Sliding-fee or grant-based services may be available for those who qualify under special service priorities.  Full (no cost) coverage is available to traditional Medicaid enrollees.  Reduced (no-cost) coverage is available for non-traditional Medicaid enrollees. 


Logan: 435-752-0750
Brigham City: 435-734-9449
Tremonton: 435-257-2168
Rich: 800-620-9949